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Anadolu is the leading brand in Kebap’s production and distribution in Italy. Our company uses only premium quality meat and respects traditional Turkish recipes. These features coupled with the application of the best food technologies, the use of expert human resources and the respect of quality standards, allow us to achieve the satisfaction of our most demanding customers. We work in the utmost respect of HACCP and European standards, we ensure total control of the entire production chain, cold chain, and sanitary standards throughout the company and all staff during the various production phases. In this way, we guarantee the protection of the product and the consumer.


Selected and high quality meats, traditional Turkish recipes and assiduous quality controls. This is the guarantee of the success of our products.

Technology and Safety

Full compliance with regulations, safety standards in work environments, high standards of quality and sanitation, state-of-the-art equipment, in this way Anadolu guarantees the safety of its products.


Gaining the highest quality would be impossible without the help of our employees, men who know how to work raw materials with skill and passion through all stages of the production process.


Assistance and post-sales are among our flagships. The solicitude of satisfying customer needs is guaranteed by Anadolu through all communication channels with seriousness and speed.

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